Calling Patriot’s to help expose what has happened to Charles Dyer!

I have started this WordPress to hopefully use as a platform to share information and to help expose those who have acted against the patriot community and against patriots. This is a very critical area of whether this community is ever going to get a chance to grow and become strong, or if it will continue to be a platform that the evil side has used to set patriots up . We can look at the case of Charles Dyer and see the signs of his set up all the way from the government level and follow is down to our direct level within his very own support group. This is what has kept me still involved in this situation, even after the family of Charles Dyer has been given ample evidence to show that this group has been working against Charles, this level of psychological war is very damaging. It is so damaging that Charles is not even aware of all that has  taken place out here! I ask myself everyday why can’t even Charles girlfriend make contact and at least come to me and ask questions, and the only reason I can see is that this entire situation has been so brilliantly played out that if something doesn’t shift this back the opposite direction, then Charles will be completely silenced. Charles spoke with me on the phone about 3 weeks ago and he told me that FBI  Agent Ken Western would come in and visit with him, and he would tell him that he wants my ass real bad! FBI Agent Western told Charles that I have been really messing things up out here.

Well if you look at what all I have been doing, and that is exposing all the Federal Involvement that has been taking place within this situation. I have asked Mrs. Dyer and also Charles sister Amy, to please consider speaking out about all the threats and harassment that the FBI has done to them. But they will not go public about the violations made by  the FBI along with the  violations by the Prosecutor or the Judge. They have been told that this will hurt any chance of Charles appeal. This is the same reason that has been told to them since the very beginning. That this is not about the violations against Charles . They are still being told that this is about proving Charles is innocent of these charges he was convicted of.  Mrs. Dyer says  to wait until after the appeal is over and Charles gets out. When Charles gets out then Charles can file complaints and deal with all the complaints for the violations against him.

In my opinion and so far with my part in this, I have been attacked from every direction due to my attempts to expose the FBI and how they have overstepped their jurisdiction, They should not even be involved in any of this. But my main question is why is the same FBI Agent Ken Western is  still going in to visit with Charles? This is the same FBI who is connected to Rick Light and who was in charge of the manhunt that was called on Charles Dyer. Rick Light aka Minuteman has admittedly worked with this agent all through the first trial and tries to act as if his relationship with the FBI is nothing to be concerned about.

We need to expose all this and help Charles Dyer by filing complaints against those who have violated his rights! If we continue to hold off and not do anything about this, then I am afraid Charles will be silenced and then it will be over. We must take this last chance to help by exposing those who are acting against Charles, and also holding the public servants accountable for all the violations that have occurred.


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