The FBI’s involvement in the Charles Dyer aka July 4 Patriot case…

The Charles Dyer aka July 4 Patriot story is still unfolding as these days keep passing by. Charles Dyer has been wrongfully convicted to 30 yrs in prison sentence without any chance of parole. On the surface if looks like there is not much more that can be done, but I believe if enough supporters join together and hold those accountable for all the violations and deceptions that have taken place against Charles Dyer, we have a chance at getting this turned around. Most people I speak to all say the same things when this story comes up. Everyone agrees that Charles Dyer has been targeted due to his outspoken speeches and his pro constitutional message he was spreading. Once this realization has settled in, then we can dig a little deeper to understand how this “set up” so far has been a success. I have done a little research and found some evidence of the government a


allowing the FBI to hire paid informants, for the sole purpose of infiltrating the Patriot groups across the country. In 2009, the FBI had 15,000 informants and paid out 22 million.  Once we begin to understand that these types of atrocities do happen to hose we attempt to speak out against the current corruption, then we can hopefully start to find a way to come to help patriots such as  Charles Dyer aka July 4 Patriot, along with others who have fallen into the hands of the enemy.



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