So whats the BIG concern with

The truth is always in the details!

Once the details of this situation are explained, anyone can see that something just does not add up! My goal for putting this together, is to hopefully explain to who ever is interested, the facts and all the events that have taken place around Charles Dyer. And to hopefully help all of you to understand the importance of exposing these people.

Many of these events and actions that these people have been doing, Charles is not even aware of. This is a situation that has been 100% infiltrated by the FBI. Those who are the closest around Charles mother are the ones who are responsible  for where this situation has gone. This has been a deliberate set up from day one.

I hope to be able to expose all involved, and  find enough people will step forward and want to help spread the word and hold those who have acted out against Charles Dyer accountable. We can not allow the self-proclaimed leaders to get away with this… And we can not allow our judicial system to be ran in this manner.

The most shocking area of the Charles Dyer story in my opinion is the federal involvement.. This is where the RED FLAG goes up!  There is absolutely no reason why the FBI should be involved in a state felony case. Also there is NO reason for certain individuals to be working along side of the exact same FBI agents that have grossly violated the rights of innocent patriots such as Charles Dyer.  Here is an example of the kind of actions that all militias/ patriot groups are currently in danger of… Let me back up so I can break this down by connecting the dots of who is who.. Rick Light aka Minuteman, has openly admitted that he works with all different LEO’s and that they all are accepting of his role within the militia community.. Agent KEn Western is the FBI agent who has been involved and is still involved in the Dyer sage. Agent Western called the man hunt last summer… Agent Western told me during a conversation I had with him, that Rick Light  is like a brother to Dyer. and

Something must be don’t to stop this! And my method to out an end to this ramped infiltration is to EXPOSE those acting against the patriot community!

I have been observing and listening  the past few months to these traitors, and I  have been doing what I do best,  which is collecting the evidence I need to bring the truth of these people’s actions to the publics attention.  There will always be people out there who sell themselves out and think that they are clever enough to attempt to play on both sides of the “fence”. This is where they have made a big mistake. See the types of individuals all view the patriot community as if we are dumb or too stupid to be able to put things together, and then recognize what they really are…  This is where we all must begin to really pay attention to the actions and start to develop a system of how to handle these individuals when the side affects of these people start to directly hurt your groups, or certain individuals.. The main goal of these frauds are to destroy any one who is a possible strong asset to a group, and to make sure that we allow them to get away with their destructive actions.  There is no legal grounds for the FBI to of gotten all these different Law enforcement Departments across the country involved in this unlawful manhunt that took place last summer.

ImageThe Lawton, OK FBI  lied to different police departments, the media and the newspapers about the true facts of this story. All of these raids that took place across the country were done WITHOUT any warrants!

I was in Florida when this manhunt was launched, and when the vacation homer was raided by the Pensacola FBI, the Pensacola Sheriff’s deputies were telling the people who I was with, that Charles Dyer was armed with explosives and he was on his way to kill people. Which of course was a complete lie! I knew Charles Dyer did not have any explosives because I was the one who was with him, and who picked him up!

The media started plastering Charles Dyer as a “right-wing extremist,” “Timothy McVeigh” militia rapist since January of 2010. These are not speculations. All anyone has to do is google Charles Dyer and you will see ABC, CNN, FOX, all smearing him across the news BEFORE he was convicted.  So this is actual proof of the FBI giving false information to the media about Charles Dyer, painting his as a terrorist.

The Media was calling Charles Dyer the next Timmothy McVeigh.

Last summer before all this started, Charles decided it was time for him to leave and not attend his 2nd trial which was scheduled on August 15, 2011. The reason he left was due to direct threats against his life by the Stevens County Sheriff’s Office. Also after his attempts to   request  a change of venue, and to fire his attorney, both requests were denied by the Judge Enos. The district attorney Jason Hicks requested to revoke his bond if he was granted permission to fire his attorney. This is a complete act of terrorism by Stevens County. The constitution guarantees us the rights to a fair trial and to have adequate council. Judge Enos needs to be helped accountable for allowing the DA Jason Hicks to intimidate Charles Dyer and denying his the rights to fire his attorney.  This request Charles had every right to  have granted to him due to the violations that happened during the first trial in April 2011. After the first trial was over, and Charles barely got out of the guilty verdict, Charles then  began to understand that this court room was completely in the wrong, and this situation was beginning to really look more and more like a direct set up . Charles then began to realize that Stephens County, Oklahoma  was not going to give him a fair trial.  Charles also realized that his attorney Hammond was working with the prosecution.

During this trial, the District Attorney Jason Hicks,  with held evidence, would not allow certain witnesses to testify, and even lied to the jury about the DNA report.  Charles Dyer’s daughter  even made the statement on court record that her daddy did not do these things that he was being accused of. The entire prosecution was based on unsubstantiated claims, manipulation and withholding of evidence, and false testimony, which are all  violating Charles Dyer’s “Due Process.”


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